President’s Comments for September, 2017

Dear Fellow Gardeners,

Harpswell Garden Club President Elisa Civello

I hope you all had a wonderful summer and are ready for our Fall Fest on Saturday, September 9th 8:30-1:00 PM at Centennial Hall. I’m sure you all have been receiving the memos from the Fall Fest committee and I hope that you will be able to help with your donations of attic treasures, baked goods and time volunteering. For those of you who are new to the garden club let me give you a little info on how the Fall Fest came to be and how we use the money raised to benefit our club and our community.

For many years, the garden club used to have a plant sale in the fall but then along came the winter moth and brown tail moth. In order not to spread the dormant larvae, the club decided it best to forgo the plant sale.

The club developed new ideas and with the leadership of Annette Dunn, the Fall Fest came into its own and grows larger each year. It is now a community event and folks come from all around. The monies raised benefit a variety of programs and speakers that the members enjoy year round. The garden club also donates monies to various community and statewide organizations (Chapel garden, Coastal Maine Botanical Garden, Cundy’s Harbor Library, Curtis Library, Orrs Island library, Friends of Casco Bay, GCFM Habitat Fund, GCFM Scholarship Fund, Habitat for Humanity 7 Rivers, Harpswell Community Garden, Harpswell Heritage Land Trust Campership, Pejebscot Historical Society, Merrymeeting Audubon Campership). We also maintain the historic Union Church.

Please come and bring your family and friends and enjoy the festivities and know that you are supporting a very worthwhile endeavor.

Our meeting this month will be held on SEPTEMBER 21ST, Thursday, 12:30 at THORTON OAKS in Brunswick. Our speaker will be Donna Anderson, executive director of McLaughlin Garden. The title of her talk will be “South Paris Treasure: McLaughlin Garden”.

Hope to see you all at the Fall Fest and at our next meeting.

Elisa Civello