Here you can find pointers to helpful information and videos published by other gardening organizations around the Web.

Flower Arranging videos

Annie Vanderwerker publishes tips on flower arranging in her YouTube channel, Fearless Flowers. Here’s a sample video she published recently:


New Flower Arranging Tips

In our quest to find more videos to help you learn flower arranging, we’ve found one you might enjoy.  It’s from a site called Flower School.  Click on this link to see how you can become more comfortable with arranging your own flowers!


Important Information about Ticks

The website has published videos and other resources on ticks and tick-borne diseases which every gardener should be aware of. Here’s a sample video recently published:

Video on How to Safely Remove Brown Tail Moth Nest from Trees

The Maine Department of Conservation, Agriculture, and Forestry has published a video on how you can safely remove the brown tail moth caterpillar nests from your trees. To watch how to do it click on the video below! You should remove the nests before the temperature reaches fifty degrees on a consistent basis which means NOW is a good time to do this!  After removing the nests be sure to dispose of them either by putting them in a large bucket of soapy water or by burning the nests.